Scenery Pictures of Amazing Huge Cats in The World

Technology is far beyond development indeed. Previously, if we wanted to eat chicken, we had to feed at least 6 or 8 months, moreover, if we wanted to have pork, we had to wait to get this meat at least one year, as for the beef, we had to wait until two or three years. By contrast, for the chicken we have to wait only maximum of 45 days, pork maximum 100 days, and beef maximum 180 days. In this scene, it is so amazing hybrid technology of development. However, we may notice that the hybrid seems to crossbreed only group of homologous chromosome. Recently, the crossing over, as new hearing, has been done group of outside chromosome, for instance, scientist may crossbred between domestic cat and raccoon; wild animal. So, it is so unbelievable in the new technology and skill of scientist.

Look! Here is the Maine Coon cat that is one of the largest domesticated breeds of felines. Via estimate of some scientists, the Maine Coon cat represents the title for the “longest cat” in the 2010 Guinness World Records. This matter was held by Stewie, who measured 48.5 inches or 123 centimeters from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. Note that male cats may weigh up to 35 pounds or 15.9 kilogram.

Yet, the origins of the Maine Coon are situated in mystery indeed. If we are talking about crossbreeding, it is really not genetic possibility of such huge cat. In hearing with the rumor story, the cat has been procedure with the result of breeding between cats and raccoons. Besides, another states that Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, made an effort to flee execution her favorite Turkish Angora cats. When she didn’t make it to the US, the cats apparently landed on the shores of Wiscasset, Maine, and in there scientists started to breed this animal. More reading




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