Scenery Images of Women Who tear themselves apart in Mind-Bending Body Art

Look! This is so amazing sceneries images and incredible images, that is, Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque, 29, artist from Santiago, Chile, initiated to paint women in disturbing as seen in beautiful scenery. This artist made optical illusions by painting part of the women in the same color as the background letting him make impression that the women may tear themselves apart. Poque stated to the Daily Mail “The girl cut in two occurred to me when I was about to paint” and “I started without any real plan of what I wanted to create. It was a momentary thought that sparked the idea…[and] I was able to get the result I wanted, the woman tearing herself apart. Photography is also integral to making this idea work, getting the angles of the shots right makes the art work come alive.” More reading. More info: facebook | twitter | tumblr (h/t: demilked, designyoutrust)

01-woman-tearing-herself-apart-grotesque-body-painting-jeampiere-dinamarca-poque-9Image Credit: Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque

02-model-tearing-herself-apart-grotesque-body-painting-jeampiere-dinamarca-poque-3Image Credit: Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque

03-model-tearing-herself-apart-grotesque-body-painting-jeampiere-dinamarca-poque-5Image Credit: Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque

04-model-tearing-herself-apart-grotesque-body-painting-jeampiere-dinamarca-poque-6Image Credit: Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque

05-woman-tearing-herself-apart-grotesque-body-painting-jeampiere-dinamarca-poque-10Image Credit: Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque

06-model-tearing-herself-apart-grotesque-body-painting-jeampiere-dinamarca-poque-8Image Credit: Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque