Scenery Images of Trump Asked Not To Publish Unflattering Double Chin Images

Looking at scenery images, we often get some funny and mockery images about US President elect. That is, this is no one beside Donald Trump. In fact, no one prefers unattractive images of themselves. If you are a celebrity or someone in the public eye, they are easily par for the course. In this case, Donald Trump may meet this matter and he has not yet moved into The White House, but he seems to be not glad with the way that the media are picturing him. So, this is to get understandable given how hard he is worked to make a decent public image of himself.

Recently, Trump organized a meeting with about 25 media executives and anchors in Trump Tower. This is stated by Politico report. In the dialogue, he criticized the way certain news outlets were covering him in relation to unattractive photographs of his double chin. In addition, it might not take the internetlong to respond. Please take a look at these hilarious Photoshop to see what these trends mean. More reading

Here is the first Photoshopped picture, which started the whole PS battle
02-when-trump-asked-not-to-publish-unflattering-double-chin-picsImage Source: Julija Nėjė

You Can’t Make Me Look In There. I Will Not Look In There. I Guarantee Nothing Good Is In There
03-when-trump-asked-not-to-publish-unflattering-double-chin-picsImage Source: Julija Nėjė

Never Let A Vogon Read You Tweets
04-when-trump-asked-not-to-publish-unflattering-double-chin-picsImage Source: Julija Nėjė

The Trump Candle
05-when-trump-asked-not-to-publish-unflattering-double-chin-picsImage Source: Julija Nėjė

Going Anywhere, Gandalf?
06-when-trump-asked-not-to-publish-unflattering-double-chin-picsImage Source: Julija Nėjė

Grab ’em By The Babeh Back Rrribs!
07-when-trump-asked-not-to-publish-unflattering-double-chin-picsImage Source: Julija Nėjė

Who’s Really In Charge
08-when-trump-asked-not-to-publish-unflattering-double-chin-picsImage Source: Julija Nėjė

The Umpa Lumpa Edition
09-when-trump-asked-not-to-publish-unflattering-double-chin-picsImage Source: Julija Nėjė

Trump Will Be In Office For 35,040 Hours
10-when-trump-asked-not-to-publish-unflattering-double-chin-picsImage Source: Julija Nėjė