Scenery Images of The Couples Risk Their Lives To Be Wrapped

Look! This is so risky and also weird with Tokyo couples who tried to be wrapped up in a plastic bag bound by each other posing for portraits to outline their bond. Within idea of the artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi, they seem to cover people into lube and after that they try to vacuum packs them in plastic bags; it is sucking out all the air. Note that it shows to be a paramedic team adjacent as the suffocated couples that hold their breath and then it has to take only just few seconds so that he might get the shots.

As seen in scenery images, Haruhiko stated “With my pictures, I try to show this power of love by getting the couples as close together as possible. The less distance there is between them, the stronger the power of love.” And in this event he thought “I think love is the most important thing in the earth. I think that everything positive in the world starts by focusing on love.” More reading. More info:

01-couples-risk-their-lives-to-be-wraped-up-in-plastic-bags-for-photos-in-tokyo-57bc2f715cacd__880 Image Credit:

02-couples-risk-their-lives-to-be-wraped-up-in-plastic-bags-for-photos-in-tokyo-57bc2f7a7ea1c__880Image Credit:

03-couples-risk-their-lives-to-be-wraped-up-in-plastic-bags-for-photos-in-tokyo-57bc2f764921d__880Image Credit:

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