Scenery Images of Delicately Beautiful Tattoos By Artist Hongdam

Looking at scenery images of beautiful tattoos, we may not avoid to appreciate South Korean artist Hongdam who often provides an alternative to big and garish tattoo designs. In realistic images, his distinct style indicates us with light and elegant yet while it shows minimalistic, each intricate piece includes a huge amount of detail.

As seen several scenery images and recalled in past time, it was a time and also not so very long ago, at what time people with tattoos really were not permitted in public baths or swimming pools in South Korea. Yet, currently things are slowly altering to come for the better. As a result, Hongdam has nearly 160,000 Instagram followers and presents one of the few bold artists who are shaping the face of tattoo culture in his country. More reading . More info: Instagram (h/t: ufunk)

01-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-57-57e3a87fe3bb8__700 Image Source: Hongdam

02-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-40-57e3a85eeb383__700Image Source: Hongdam

03-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-32-57e3a843ebf56__700Image Source: Hongdam

04-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-77-57e3a8b927f92__700Image Source: Hongdam

05-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-8-57e3a8150ef0c__700Image Source: Hongdam

06-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-115-57e3b6fe82abe__700Image Source: Hongdam

07-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-102-57e3a8eec83a2__700Image Source: Hongdam

08-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-99-57e3a8e96ea96__700Image Source: Hongdam

09-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-11-57e3a81a790c6__700Image Source: Hongdam

10-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-42-57e3a86338cf1__700Image Source: Hongdam

11-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-19-57e3a82c51d50__700Image Source: Hongdam

12-minimalist-tattoo-hongdam-korea-82-57e3a8c2cbb34__700Image Source: Hongdam