Scenery Images of Amazing Rare Salvador Dali’s Surrealist Cookbook

Here is rare Salvador Dali’s Surrealist Cookbook that is just re-Released for the first time in more than 40 Years. In general, we truly reflect melting clocks and surrealist paintings. However, the reputed flamboyant artist had been something of a culinary connoisseur too. Based on history in 1973, he had also released his own cookbook namely Les Diners de Gala. Note that it was only printed once, but only around 400 copies are thought to remain. So, we have to thank to Taschen that may now own a copy for the first time in more than 40 years.

In scenery images, the publisher was certainly to release the cookbook in all of its weird and wonderful glory. As seeing photos in place, this is just as strange as we may hope indeed. In relevant recipes, the 136 recipes, motivated by the legendary dinners, Dali and his wife Gala used to host with everything from frog pasties to veal cutlets stuffed with snails. Lastly, all recipes have been accompanied by Dali’s suitably surreal illustrations. More reading. Want a copy? Then head on over to Amazon. (h/t: thisiscolossal, mymodernmet). More info: Taschen

01-scenery-images-of-rare-salvador-dalis-surrealist-cookbookImage Source: James Gould-Bourn

02-scenery-images-of-rare-salvador-dalis-surrealist-cookbookImage Source: James Gould-Bourn

03-scenery-images-of-rare-salvador-dalis-surrealist-cookbookImage Source: James Gould-Bourn

04-scenery-images-of-rare-salvador-dalis-surrealist-cookbookImage Source: James Gould-Bourn

05-scenery-images-of-rare-salvador-dalis-surrealist-cookbookImage Source: James Gould-Bourn

06-scenery-images-of-rare-salvador-dalis-surrealist-cookbookImage Source: James Gould-Bourn

07-scenery-images-of-rare-salvador-dalis-surrealist-cookbookImage Source: James Gould-Bourn

08-scenery-images-of-rare-salvador-dalis-surrealist-cookbookImage Source: James Gould-Bourn