Scenery Images of Amazing Ballet Dancers In the Streets of Mexico City

Look! Here is scenery images for us to show New York-based photographer Omar Robles who tried to take away with him after his latest experience photographing ballet dancers in urban backdrops. Recently, from his recent trip to Cuba, the smarted photographer made his project to Mexico City in order to get the support of Fujifilm. There, he once again linked with gifted local dancers to create a striking series of images. Looking at this scene, the grace, elegance, and athleticism of the dancers’ craft presents fully display in Robles’ photography.

As seen in photos, the applause indicated us so shock when the photographer had to be used to a totally diverse attitude in New York. Here is paragraph quoted from My Modern Met “Often while shooting here in NYC, people often pass us by, perhaps softly shaking their heads producing a chuckle spiced with a slight hint of cynicism. Some will try to steal a picture of the moment. A few will even go as far as boldly expressing discomfort if they feel we are interrupting their way. The Mexican applause thus definitely took me by surprise.” Please have a look the following ballet dancers and judge them as your reflection. More reading

01-omarzroblesmexico2521Image Source: Jessica Stewart

02-omarzroblesmexico9957Image Source: Jessica Stewart

03-omarzroblesmexico3868Image Source: Jessica Stewart

04-omarzroblesmexico9237Image Source: Jessica Stewart

05-omarzroblesmexico9764Image Source: Jessica Stewart

06-omarzroblesmexico4088Image Source: Jessica Stewart

07-omarzroblesmexico5832Image Source: Jessica Stewart

08-omarzroblesmexico3779Image Source: Jessica Stewart

09-omarzroblesmexico2584Image Source: Jessica Stewart

10-omarzroblesmexico2Image Source: Jessica Stewart