Scenery Images of Amazing A 16-Year-Old Made Herself Into Monsters

In seeing her scenery images, this leads us to fear and do not want to stay and see her with a 16-year-old Australian self-taught special effects makeup artist. She initiated to create herself into all kinds of crazy things for fun. Besides, she posted all of these awful images on her Instagram account in expecting other people may give this crazy art form as she did.

As seen in the photos, she was motivated to begin after falling in love with the extraordinary characters in movies, for example, Pirates of the Caribbean and X-Men. Accordingly, while she made finding the reality TV show FaceOff in which they compete with SFX makeup and heard that many of them taught themselves, she decided it was time for her to give it. Based on practice, she applied crucially YouTube to learn the basics from channels i.e. Madeyewlook and Glam and Gore. Note that she began on her 14th birthday and at present time has been teaching herself for more than a year.

Every time she instigated to create a look she got a bit better and slowly they were transferred bigger and bigger. Now, she may now body paint, create horns and teeth, and even make custom prosthetics. She also created prosthetics in relation with sculpting what she wanted on her face cast. She might make a mould of it and fill it with homemade SFX gelatine and all that is left to do is stick it on her face and paint it. In hope, one day she may have a hand in crafting a character in conjunction with a movie or video clip for the world to see and enjoy. In short, she is grateful for any practice and depiction she can get. More reading. More info: Instagram

01-i-make-myself-into-monsters-57454bcf9f365__880Image Source: Lara Wirth

02-i-make-myself-into-monsters-57454bd2633d1__880Image Source: Lara Wirth

03-i-make-myself-into-monsters-574433312fcfb__880Image Source: Lara Wirth

04-i-make-myself-into-monsters-574432312260e__880Image Source: Lara Wirth

05-i-make-myself-into-monsters-5744323b21362__880Image Source: Lara Wirth

06-i-make-myself-into-monsters-5744323402dbd__880Image Source: Lara Wirth

07-i-make-myself-into-monsters-574432c499059__880Image Source: Lara Wirth

08-i-make-myself-into-monsters-574431c23312b__880Image Source: Lara Wirth

09-i-make-myself-into-monsters-57454bc8a0b8f__880Image Source: Lara Wirth

10-special-effects-monster-body-art-lara-wirthImage Source: Lara Wirth