Scenery Images of Real Stories Of Feral Children Voiced In Dark Photos

Involved in scenery images, we used to hear something about Feral Children quite long. We might that it was only retelling story in the book that created by some authors in order to earn money in their professional writing. However, this story seemed to give us some proof from German-born, London-based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten with her latest photo project. That is, several newest series of staged photos that introduced a darker look at mounting within unusual conditions. Her Teenage Stories became fame in following series of 2005 of which it was explored a girl’s transition to womanhood.

This is her inspiration to search further for quite few cases of feral children. That is, it was said something about the Girl With No Name initiated by Fullerton-Batten and then mentioned Feature Shoot. She identified that there were many number of these feral children in the world, that is, some cases were come from children becoming lost, caught by wild animals, and sometimes those were left and/or neglected by their own parents. These images were extracted from documents existed over four among five continents. More reading. More info: | Amazon | Facebook (h/t: featureshoot)

Victor (The Wild Boy of Aveyron), France, 1797

Victor had been seen at the last of the 18th century located in the woods of Saint Sernin sur Rance in the south of France and arrested but escaped. In January 8, 1800 he had been caught again, that is, he was around 12 years old. Note that his body covered in scars and could not speak any word. When the news informed about his capture spread, many people came to see and examine him. He spent his time as in feral child and at that time it was believed that he might spend 7 years in the wild. A biology professor tried to examine Victor’s resistance via sending him naked to get outside in the snow. Interestingly, he introduced on effect of the cold temperature on him whatever. Furthermore, he was tried to teach him to speak and behave’s normally, but it was not progress. Lastly, he might talk and hear earlier in his life, but he was never able to do so after being returned from the wild. Note that he was carried to an institution in Paris and died at 40 years old.

01-feral-children-wild-animals-photos-fullerton-batten-14Image Credit: Julia Fullerton-Batten

John Ssebunya (The Monkey Boy), Uganda, 1991

John escaped from home in 1988 while he had been three years. He ran way from home when he saw his father murder his mother. He came to live in the jungle where he became a friend with several monkeys. He was arrested in 1991 at that time he was six years old and next he was sent to orphanage. When he was cleaned up, his entire body was covered in hair. Note that his diet had comprised major of roots, nuts, sweet potatoes and cassava. He had indicated that he was severe case of intestinal worms, for instance, it was over half meter long. He had callused on his knees from walking similar to a monkey. He had learned to speak and human ways. Note that he was identified that he was a fine singing voice and was reputed for singing and touring in the UK with 20 strong Pearl of Africa children’s choir.

02-feral-children-wild-animals-photos-fullerton-batten-2Image Credit: Julia Fullerton-Batten

Marie Angelique Memmie Le Blanc (The Wild Girl of Champagne), France, 1731

Memmie’s story was happened in the 18th century and surprisingly well-documented. In only ten years, she might walk thousands of miles alone in the forests of France. She might eat birds, frogs and fish, leaves branches and roots. Forced with a club, she might fight off wild animals such as wolves. She was arrested when she was 19 years old included black-skinned, hairy and with claws. While she knelt down to drink water, she created repeated sideways glances, as being stated constant alertness.

In many years, she did not eat cooked food and so her thumbs were malformed due to she used them to dig out roots and swing from the tree to tree similar to monkey. In 1737, the Queen of Poland, mother to the French queen and on the tour to France, she always carried Memmie to hunt animals with her because she still ran fast enough to catch and kill rabbits. She was long experienced to recover from the wild to society. She became series of rich patrons, learned to read, write and speak fluently French. In 1747, she was a nun moment, but was hit by falling window and her patron died. She was sick and destitute but then found a rich patron. Note that she was died at age of 63 and financially well-off rich in Paris in 1775.

03-feral-children-wild-animals-photos-fullerton-batten-15Image Credit: Julia Fullerton-Batten

Ivan Mishukov, Russia, 1998

Ivan was tortured by his family and escaped from home when he was only 4 years old. He existed on the streets begging and then built a relationship with a pack of wild dogs. He shared his food with the dogs. The dogs increased to be confident and last he became as a pack leader. He lived for two years in such way, but then he was caught and took to a children’s home. Fortunately, he earned his existing language skills when he kept it via begging. Note that he was feral for only a short time and so he was recovered and came to a normal life.

04-feral-children-wild-animals-photos-fullerton-batten-4 Image Credit: Julia Fullerton-Batten