Scenery Images of Papua New Guinea The Most Rural In The World

In seeing scenery images, Papua New Guinea is officially the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. It is an Oceanian country, and it is occupied by the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. Its offshore islands is located in Melanesia region lied on the southwestern Pacific Ocean with the north of Australia. The capital is named as Port Moresby located along its southeastern coast. Note the western half of new Guinea is created as the Indonesia provinces of Papua and West Papua. More reading Credit: Ruro Photography Credit: Ruro Photography

Papua New Guinea has been recognized as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.  They may have around 848 languages which so far have been listed for the country. Note that among 12 languages have no known living speakers. Over 7 million people seem to live in customary communities, and each ethnic group uses own language respectively. There are only 18 percents of all people who live in the urban centers, and other exists in the rural area. Accordingly, it is one of the most rural area in the world.  More reading Image Credit: Ruro Photography