Amazing One of Kind Mugs Of Scary Monsters

Looking at a kind of mugs related scary monsters, it seems to give us with terrible scene. These scary mugs have been one of the kinds that worked in clay. The clay has been showed us the best because it mingles with numerous different “crafts”, for instance, throwing on the pottery wheel, sculpting and the ending process to become painting. JD Cotton initiated all of which he loved to create and particularly he focused on his background as an illustrator. When he was discovering pottery nearly 15 years ago, he had been bent on it. Firstly, he was most enthused by those basic face jugs that had been made down south in the 1800s. Besides, his first few face mugs were like in styles that have then developed into the more detailed pieces. Now and then he talked about to a photo image or at all pops in his head. Last resort, he loved specifics and comprised a lot of it into his work and then down to the creases and holes on the faces. More reading. More info:

01-i-create-one-of-a-kind-mugs-of-scary-monsters-12__700Image Credit: JD Cotton

02-i-create-one-of-a-kind-mugs-of-scary-monsters-11__700Image Credit: JD Cotton

03-i-create-one-of-a-kind-mugs-of-scary-monsters-10__700Image Credit: JD Cotton

04-i-create-one-of-a-kind-mugs-of-scary-monsters-9__700Image Credit: JD Cotton


06-i-create-one-of-a-kind-mugs-of-scary-monsters-7__700Image Credit: JD Cotton