Images Look At The Beauty Of Traditional Romania

Being located in Southern Europe, Romania is unitary semi-presidential republic that has bordered with Black Sea between Bulgaria and Ukraine. The country also has bordered with Hungary, Serbia, and Moldavia includes 238,391 square kilometers and contains a temperature continental climate. Currently the country has 19.94 million inhabitants associated with seventh most populous member state of European Union. The capital has been well known as Bucharest that is sixth largest city in the European Union. What we are interesting is that the River Danube represents Europe’s second longest river after the Volga. It rises in Germany and flows southeastwards in lieu of a distance of 2,857 km, pouring thru ten countries before draining into the Danube Delta. Note that with distance of 1,075 km length, it drains along bordered country. Besides this, the country has the Carpathian Mountains associated with their tallest peak Moldoveanu at 2,544 m being crossed Romania from the north to the southwest. Wikipedia

Talking about beauty of country, Alex Stefan tried to capture something as the traditional beauty of his country via helping by two models. Look! The images consist of two different old villages and woods, and both models have been wearing traditional clothing indeed. This may make us to remember last 50 years ago in comparing recent time in the modern society of Romania. Please help amazing images of Romanian lady old and new scenes as enjoyed. More reading. More info: Facebook

01-i-captured-the-beauty-of-traditional-romania-29__880Image Credit: Alex Stefan

02-i-captured-the-beauty-of-traditional-romania-30__880Image Credit: Alex Stefan

03-i-captured-the-beauty-of-traditional-romania-31__880Image Credit: Alex Stefan

04-i-captured-the-beauty-of-traditional-romania-32__880Image Credit: Alex Stefan

05-i-captured-the-beauty-of-traditional-romania-33__880Image Credit: Alex Stefan

06-i-captured-the-beauty-of-traditional-romania-34__880Image Credit: Alex Stefan

07-i-captured-the-beauty-of-traditional-romania-36__880Image Credit: Alex Stefan

08-i-captured-the-beauty-of-traditional-romania-37__880Image Credit: Alex Stefan