How Amazing Khmer Oldie Songs In Decades Of 60s And 70s

Khmer Oldie Songs are inferred to the songs which had been sung by many super star of Khmer singers, such as Sin Sisamuth, Ros Sereysothea, Pen Ron, Huy Meas, Meas Samon, and others. These songs are remained in domestic and overseas due to many Khmer people who loved them and then they tried keep and share from one to another. Some songs may be identified singers and composers and some may be not identified. This causes loss in the Pol Pot’s regime and more specifically both singers and composers were died and so the songs may be not given any real identity. However, although we do not realize those relevant singers and composers, all of us should try to preserve them as possible as we can. So, the key preservation and ensuring sustainable Khmer Oldie Songs are to take time and/or seize the time to listen to them from one generation to another in place.

In order to contribute any part of the songs to preserve them as continued, we would like to introduce Khmer Oldie Song’s Entertainment for all of Khmer people who live in domestic and overseas across the world about how to top Khmer song and how to preserve those songs as continued; if not, they may be gone from the world in any day. Truly right, this is merely idea to retain the Oldie Songs for survival.

Regarding these relevant songs, both Khmer man and woman who are aging from 18 to 60 years old still have really recognized that these songs are beautiful sounds in comparison with today’s songs. The songs were the Golden Sound in decade of 50s, 60s and 70s being been sung by super star singers such as Sin Sisamuth, Ros Sereysothea, Pen Ron, Huy Meas Meas Samon, In Yeng and etc. As we have been known so far, there had been about more than 10,000 songs which have been still existed to now. Each song was inspired to all Khmer people both man woman to get excited, entertained, and encouraged the people across the Kingdom to get peacefulness, happiness and prosperity. Thus, over 10,000 songs are only estimated according to number of the songs existed, but the real numbers may be much more than due to some may lose in the Pol Pot’s regime never ever retained.

In order to identify the oldie songs, we should seek for some key words so that we may come across with one key word of many key words that have been introduced in such following: top amazing oldie song, top amazing khmer song, top amazing khmer music, top khmer comedy, khmer music, khmer mp3, music khmer, khmer song, sin sisamuth song, ros sereysothea, pen ron, ros seseysothea, huy meas, meas samon, sin sisamuth songs, ros sereysothea, pen ron, meas samon, khmer old song and etc.

Far beyond, all Khmer people both in domestic and overseas still recognized that the voice of all Khmer singers has been popular so far. In fact, Khmer citizen in domestic and overseas more particularly Khmer in United States of America still daily listen to those oldie songs. They are still adhered themselves to these voices into homeland although the voices were produced quite long time; i.e. soft and charming, and they are far from the motherland. The voices are truly no any voice comparable with the voice from the past to the present time. So, we do hope that these oldie songs will have been remained and kept as following from one to another generation.

Last but not least, the voices will be everlasting in depth-heart of all Khmer citizens even they live anywhere and will have to share and pass from one generation to another. Hence, all of Khmer both domestic and overseas may continue to love, to listen and to adhere to such oldie songs and these songs may contribute to be forever in their heart, daily lives and other events, ceremonies such as Khmer Happy New Year, Water Festival, Pchum Ben etc.

We will try to make a series of the Khmer Oldie Songs with male and female singers so that Ladies and Gentlemen may get enjoyed and listened to them as you wanted from one episode to another in our website

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