How Amazing Cambodia Short Story And Khmer Oldie Songs

Cambodia is Kingdom of Wonder. This means Cambodia has many different wonders the world has never ever such wonders like Cambodia. For example, Angkor Wat is very beautiful and awesome in the world. Note that Angkor Wat represents not only one temple in Cambodia, but also represents thousands and thousands temples across a country. Besides, we may have the other several temples located in former Khmer territory such as Thailand and Vietnam. Indeed, this country is truly Kingdom of Wonder in the world. Truly right, Angkor Wat is recognized by UNESCO and listed into the world heritage in 1992.

With the name of Kingdom of Wonder, we have still the things far beyond the Angkor Wat. We have hundred tourist sites, beautiful classic music (i.e. Royal music, wedding music etc.), Khmer Art (i.e. Ayei joking song with describing something about comparable humans, comparable animals, education, discipline and etc.), and Cambodian short stories are so popular among rural people. In fact, we still have many and many amazing things that may be said uncountable things in Cambodia, but it is only brief from one corner of truly Cambodia.

Generally, Cambodian short stories are the stories without author and described something as happened in the village, in society. Usually, the stories retell from one mouth to another, from one village to another and sometimes may be cross bordered country. Re-teller mostly old person in the village and brings this story to tell young boy and girl to listen to it at the end of work, last weekend as entertained, reflected and what was happened in previous time. The story sometimes is symbolized comparable animals into human, and sometimes humans and humans in time period.

Now, please help listen to retell Cambodian short stories as English. The story takes animals to be represented into human beings towards all of us to listen to it as entertained and reflected something as happened in society in any period time. The story is so old story without author and retell by mouth from one person to another via taking animals’ representation, but this story truly matter of human beings. Previously, unknown Khmer author seemed to try to take animals as represented human and we are not also realized why they had to do like this; it might be at that time freedom of speech was limited and/or desire of author wanted liked this.

The Cambodian short story is to be a title: The Rabbit and The Palm. It is a story that states if we just only hear someone said something without considering and analyzing whether it is right or wrong and judges this matter in advance is true, of course we may make very mistake that induces to lose reputation, wealth and decline other connections with relatives and neighbors. So, the judgment, rationale and other matters of involvements should be a key to consider so that we may avoid a mistake onward.

Now, we would retell this story as below:

Once upon time, there was a rabbit who lived under a palm tree near hillock. Note that this story stated why the author said who because s/he wanted this rabbit to be as human being. One day, he was sound asleep when a ripe palm fruit fell down on the ground nearby. Next, he heard the cracking sound of the dried palm leaves. At this sound, he was frightened, and he said to himself “It is an earthquake” and then he jumped up and began running without looking behind. At that time, when the oxen saw him in high speed, they said to him, “Rabbit! Why are you running so fast? What is the matter?”

The rabbit shouted in haste “Brother oxen! It is an earthquake! Do not stay here! Run!”

The oxen heard what the rabbit had said and they were frightened too and began to run, and so after they met the pig and the deer. They too ran after the oxen and the rabbit too ran after the oxen and rabbit. When elephants saw them running, they too asked “Why are running, oxen? What is the matter?”

The oxen told them “Do not stay here! The earthquake is coming!” Hearing this story, the elephants joined them too. When they all reached the Lion’s den, the clever lion seeing all panic-stricken animals asked the elephants “Why are you running? What is the matter?”

The elephants replied “We do not exactly know why. We saw the oxen running, so we ran after them, we hear something about earthquake.”

The lion asked the oxen “Why are you running? What is the matter? Oxen?” The said “We do not either know. We saw the deer and the pigs running, so we ran after them”

The lion asked the deer and the pigs, but they answered likewise, so he questioned the rabbit. The rabbit answered “I am none too sure, myself. While I was sound asleep under a palm tree the earth breaking up my ears, so I was afraid and began to run.”

The clever lion then led all the panicky animals to the palm tree and showed them the cracked palm-fruits lying on the ground. The embarrassed animals gave the rabbit a sound rebuke and went back to their own places. Source: Dik Keam

This story gave us much think about judgment. Before we believed that someone said is right, we should have to reflect or consider what s/he said is truly reasonable and acceptable or not. Currently, we are high technology and so we have many tools to analyze all events occurred and after that we may judge this event is acceptable and that event is not acceptable.

Last but not least, the Cambodian short story may give us to learn how to judge and analyze whatever we hear and get from all corners, and we do not see only one corner and then we assume and evaluate wrong and/or right, otherwise, we may face some consequences at any day. Finally, we should have to learn how to reflect, to judge and analyze every corner, and take an evaluation carefully onward.

In order to change environment of listening Cambodia short story and before looking forward to the another Cambodian short story in next page, we would seize this opportunity to invite all of ladies and gentlemen both inside and outside to get listened to the Khmer Oldie Songs. Before starting the Khmer Oldie Songs, we would summarize these songs as following:

Regarding current Khmer oldie songs, both Khmer man and woman who are aging from 18 to 60 years old still prefer to listen these songs and they estimated that the songs are still beautiful in comparison with today’s songs. These songs were come from the Golden Sound in decade of 50s, 60s and 70s being been sung by super star singer such as Sin Sisamuth, Ros Sereysothea, Pen Ron, Huy Meas Meas Samon and etc. As we have known so far, there had been about more than 10,000 songs which were still existed to now. Each song was inspired to all Khmer people both man woman to get excited, entertained, and encouraged the people across the Kingdom to get peacefulness, good health and luck, happiness, and prosperity.

Truly, ll Khmer people both in domestic and overseas still recognized that the voice of all Khmer singers has been popular so far. Khmer citizen in domestic and oversea more particularly Khmer in United States of America still listen to those oldie songs. They are still adhered to these voices although the voices were produced quite long time; i.e. soft and charming. The voices are truly no any voice comparable with the voice from the past to the present time. So, we do hope that these oldie songs will have been remained and kept as following from one to another generation.

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In YouTube Analytics, in my personal channel we have seen that besides Khmer domestics, there are many Khmer in United States of America that regularly still love and listen to these songs. The most states listened to these songs are, for instance, from California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, Washington, Minnesota, South Carolina, Louisiana, Michigan and etc. Hence, we still hope the Khmer Oldie Songs may be continued to be survival although they are too old songs associated with too old sounds and voices.

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