Beautiful Scenery of Traditional Slavic Wreaths as Gorgeous Floral Headdresses

Look! this presents us something as the bright beads being shown the bold makeup in link to the bouquets balanced as exuberant crowns. These photographs managed by Ula Kóska are rich with color, pattern, and texture. All images have been collaborated with makeup artist, stylist, and costume designer Beata Bojda, and the images contain a series called Etno, an abbreviation stemming from the word “ethnography.” Kóska and Bojda seemed to spent homage of their shared Polish roots via featuring craftsmanship. This is likely to astonish those unfamiliar with the country’s culture, although there were appearing incredibly realistic, the featured flowers are handmade entirely from paper.

Based in previous Polish folk tradition, floral wreaths had been worn not only for both religious and secular ceremonies, but also for marriage celebrations and Easter festivals. Accordingly, at what time the industry of decorative paper and cigarettes developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the “handicraft paper” activity re-reflected something for those earlier headdresses using hand-created paper blooms. Indeed, many crafting methods introduced and moved overtime, from cutting to rolling the material, contorting it into delicate petals and leaves. Reading more

01-photo_ula_kc3b3ska_oliwka_etno_beata_bojda4 Images Source: Ula Kóska

02-photo_ula_kc3b3ska_oliwka_etno_beata_bojda6Images Source: Ula Kóska

03-photo_ula_kc3b3ska_model_joanna2Images Source: Ula Kóska

04-photo_ula_kc3b3ska_model_joanna3Images Source: Ula Kóska

05-photo_ula_kc3b3ska_model_joannaImages Source: Ula Kóska

06-photo_ula_kc3b3ska_model_joanna4Images Source: Ula Kóska

07-photo_ula_kc3b3ska_oliwka_etno_beata_bojda3Images Source: Ula Kóska

08-photo_ula_kc3b3ska_oliwka_etno_beata_bojda5Images Source: Ula Kóska

09-photo_ula_kc3b3ska_oliwka_etno_beata_bojda2Images Source: Ula Kóska