Beautiful Scenery of Retired Ladies Live Their Dreamlife

Look! this is so beautiful scenery indeed for the dream-life. Do you ever have seen it before? The answer perhaps says not because it may be the first for the time being happened. Furthermore, have you wondered how you may spend your retired days? This may give you a super idea to that matter. As idea initiative, a genius Japanese architect initiated to make an unique home for 2 retired ladies using their caretaker and a cook.

In fact, Issei Suma has been known for his intriguing buildings, however, such structure shaped is similar to 5 tents that are truly eye catching because the harmonious flow and the design perfectly mingled minimalism with an ecological style. In other words, the building forms a spiral-shaped indoor pool and a common kitchen for both ladies. With 100 square meters, it shows us a complex that may be called “Jikka”. It is located in the Japanese mountains Shizuoka Prefecture. Although the 3D structure shows like a tent in place, the plans present perfect squares; they indicate us an overlap one another. Thus, how does the structured house related your dreams appear like?. More reading

01-11-57d82a7d323f0__880 Image Source: BoredPanda

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