Beautiful Scenery of Amazing Hilarious Farewell Cakes

Farewell means we may not see each other anymore. In scenery images of relevant photos of saying in farewell cakes, it seems to be that even we leave some office place or any place, we still have some souvenirs before we get left there. Accordingly, when we say the word that goodbye is constantly hard, we are even harder in this matter. This is happened as somebody is leaving you behind in a shitty job. Far beyond, it may be difficult to come out the feelings using words, yet a custom design cake might be created as a way to do the trick. Still any idea initiative need, and if we want ideas for what to write, we should disclose via Bored Panda. Note that Bored Panda tried to compile most creative farewell cakes ever and look! trust us, other co-worker may love it and comment on it. More reading

Horror Cake
01-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac
What Was Your Name?
02-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac
Got Laid Off And My Work Friends Nailed My Going Away Cake
03-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac
I Am Known As The Office Grouch. Today Is My Last Day At My Job. They Made Me A Going Away Cake
04-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac

Co-worker’s Going Away Cake
05-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac

Awesome Cake I Received When I Moved To A New Team At Work
06-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac

Last Day At The Current Job And They Made Me This Cake
07-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac

But Why?
08-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac
Left This Job, This Is The Cake All Friends Got Me
09-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac
The Kind Of Farewell Cake You Get For Your Last Day At A Vet Office
10-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac
A Friend At Work Got A Job With And So We Offered Him A Google Ice Cream Cake For His Last Day; Congratulation Traitor
11-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac

Jake Is Leaving For A New Job, We Initiated To Offer Creative With The Cake
12-beautiful-scenery-of-amazing-hilarious-farewell-cakesImage Source: Šarūnė Mac