Beautiful Scenery of Afros Flowers Galaxies Led to Create Black Women Proud

As so skillful artist, Pierre Jean-Louis, who is a visual artist from US, has instigated to create fascinating portraits of black women via converting their hair into flowery galaxies. With turning their Afros into works of art, Pierre started to make series “Black Girl Magic” and so he attempted to allow black women to savoir-faire of appreciating them for embracing their African heritage. Pierre said Bored Panda many brainwashed have been not appreciated with their natural beauty. More particularly in 2016 in earlier this year he has seen quite few black queens who sense contented enough and proud to show their African heritage. Accordingly, in scenery images he decided to begin the series to allow them to know how much he might appreciate them and their natural beauty. In short, Pierre seemed to want them to get how the black men see them and when they were rocking their natural hair. More reading. More info: Instagram

01-flowers-galaxy-afro-hairstyle-black-girl-magic-pierre-jean-louis-30Image Credit:Pierre Jean-Louis

02-flowers-galaxy-afro-hairstyle-black-girl-magic-pierre-jean-louis-13Image Credit:Pierre Jean-Louis

03-flowers-galaxy-afro-hairstyle-black-girl-magic-pierre-jean-louis-6Image Credit:Pierre Jean-Louis

04-flowers-galaxy-afro-hairstyle-black-girl-magic-pierre-jean-louis-41Image Credit:Pierre Jean-Louis

05-flowers-galaxy-afro-hairstyle-black-girl-magic-pierre-jean-louis-29Image Credit:Pierre Jean-Louis