Beautiful Scenery of 17-Year-Old Girl Performs and Recreates Vintage Look

Looking at following scenery images, we may realize different images, but from one girl performance. For example, you may be looking at images of Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, and even Anne Frank. This is idea initiated by Annelies Maria Francine who has just only a 17 year-old Belgian girl, but she spent a flair for taking timeless pictures. Being been looked from Scarlett O’Hara, from Gone with the Wind to Audrey Horne and from Twin Peaks, we are noticed that there is no look that Annelies may be not difficult to use the right clothes and make-up and a bit of dreams. As seen in scenic pictures, she is revolving herself into Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast or even Vermeer’s famous Girl with a Pearl Earring, each appearance she recreates is nothing short of perfection. Thus, the following time you may have seeing at vintage photos of timeless beauties and then stop and reflect twice due to the girl related in pictures could not be who you hope to be. More reading . More info: Instagram (h/t: fashionablygeeky )

Vivien Leigh Recreation
01-teen-recreates-classic-vintage-retro-look-bewitchedquills-annelies-maria-francine-38-573976c57e874__700Image Source:Annelies Maria Francine
Princess Belle
02-teen-recreates-classic-vintage-retro-look-bewitchedquills-annelies-maria-francine-34-573976bb9d7dd__700Image Source:Annelies Maria Francine
Audrey Hepburn Inspired Look
03-teen-recreates-classic-vintage-retro-look-bewitchedquills-annelies-maria-francine-37-573976c3a3774__700Image Source:Annelies Maria Francine
1900s Inspired Look
04-teen-recreates-classic-vintage-retro-look-bewitchedquills-annelies-maria-francine-24-5739769ee8eb0__700Image Source:Annelies Maria Francine
Girl With A Pearl Earring Recreation
06-teen-recreates-classic-vintage-retro-look-bewitchedquills-annelies-maria-francine-25-573976a19b877__700Image Source:Annelies Maria Francine
Flapper Inspired Look
Image Source:Annelies Maria Francine
Audrey Hepburn Inspired Look
08-teen-recreates-classic-vintage-retro-look-bewitchedquills-annelies-maria-francine-15-57397687056ac__700Image Source:Annelies Maria Francine