Beautiful Images For Amazing Fairytale Portraits Of Redheads

Long time ago, human always hunted wild animals for food and selling them in the market for cash. A relationship between human and wild animals frequently faced what let us say it was an action of wild animals against human for survival as continued. Human has developed so far something as we might see knife, spear, arrow, and lastly gun to kill more and more wild animals. This matter was passed from one generation to another and so the wild animals become rare and some may become endangered species and sharply dropped due to the hand of human indeed. The dropping of wild animals may be also dropped balance of an eco-system on the planet. So, some environment lovers start to feed wild animals and build some relationship between human and the wild animals as seeing beautiful photos in place.

This story may remind us to someone who is named as Alexandra Bochkareva loved to work with redheaded models. Note that Alexandra Bochkareva is photographer who always provides many photos to Bored Panda involved in scenery pictures of wild animals. In this model, series Autumn and Winter had focused on double the pleasure such as beautiful scenery with two red-haired beauties in front of her manual Helios 77m-4 lens – Polina or Olga and a trained fox named Alice. Via posting on photography websites, Alexanda wrote on Bored Panda “I adore working with redheaded and freckled models”. So, we may see this truly feel the magic in her beautiful scenery images.

With life in St. Petersburg and based artist, Alexandra was usually shoots outdoors. This may come up with natural greenery further enhances her beloved ruby-haired subjects. Note that she began her photography career in 2012 after she gave birth and then found herself with a lot more energy than before. In other words, Alexandra’s first models were captured her family members and friends. In other following times, she has developed a unique style that instigated to combine peoples’ natural beautiful looks included gorgeous nature elements. Finally, all beautiful images may give us a amazing symbol between human and wild animals for sustainable life on the planet forever. More reading. More info: Facebook | Instagram | 500px (h/t)