Amazing World I See When I’m Photographing

Michael Alesich spent more than 18 months to start combining his photography and illustration in order to show what the surreal world he got to see inside his head. For instance, he made portrait of real human to have relative and close to cartoon as the real story and/or real activity.

Linked to this,  his friends, family, and models had assisted him with a few self-portraits, Besides, he have had a good chance to show the slightly odd things he saw while he traveled day to day. Hence, these portraits may introduce all involved activities of Michael Alesich to be excited and pleasured as real life between human and cartoon. More info: | More reading

01-creative-illustrations-photography-michael-alesich-4Creative source: Michael Alesich

02-What-do-you-see-in-the-Illustrated-World-around-you2__880Creative source: Michael Alesich

03-creative-illustrations-photography-michael-alesich-5Creative source: Michael Alesich

04-creative-illustrations-photography-michael-alesich-2Creative source: Michael Alesich

05-What-do-you-see-in-the-Illustrated-World-around-you3__880Creative source: Michael Alesich

06-What-do-you-see-in-the-Illustrated-World-around-you1__880Creative source: Michael Alesich

07-creative-illustrations-photography-michael-alesich-6Creative source: Michael Alesich

08-What-do-you-see-in-the-Illustrated-World-around-you5__880Creative source: Michael Alesich

09-creative-illustrations-photography-michael-alesich-3Creative source: Michael Alesich