Amazing Underwater Eco Village As of 3D Printed Recycled Plastic

Looking at amazing scenery in the sea, we think of work initiated by the Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut. As we have known, he has invented plan for an Eco-village being created on the ocean from recycled waste materials printed in 3D. In his dream, he wants a plan to have descended 1,000 m futuristic a building under water, the city stands the name of Aequorea, especially a species of bio-luminescent jellyfish. The idea high-points present disastrous environmental circumstance, that is, an urgent necessitates to clean up the oceans that are emptied of their species, and lessening natural resources. As a result, the life would be imaginable through renewable energy sources such as cultivated algae, plankton, molluscs, yards and gardens cultivated above water. In other words, arenas afford access to the underwater environment in relation with something as future survival ocean and life around the ocean. The project looks crazy and virtually too respectable to be true, yet nice one to the new ways of thoughtful about ecology, recycling and renewing energy, we may perhaps create sustainable edifices approximating these and think of new ways of living. Indeed, Aequorea may show the way to get something toward existed life on the earth as continued. More reading . More info:

01-architect-plans-an-underwater-eco-village-from-3d-printed-recycled-plastic__880Image Credit: Vincent Callebaut

02-architect-plans-an-underwater-eco-village-from-3d-printed-recycled-plastic-2__880Image Credit: Vincent Callebaut

03-architect-plans-an-underwater-eco-village-from-3d-printed-recycled-plastic-3__880Image Credit: Vincent Callebaut

04-architect-plans-an-underwater-eco-village-from-3d-printed-recycled-plastic-4__880Image Credit: Vincent Callebaut

05-architect-plans-an-underwater-eco-village-from-3d-printed-recycled-plastic-5__880Image Credit: Vincent Callebaut