Amazing Suspended Tents Sleeping Among The Trees

Tent is a tool for traveler who make adventure in the forest to get slept there because they can carry bed and/or mattress there. Accordingly, one tent company named as Tentsile tried to create three new models of the tent to get easily hanged on the tree. that is, it may be range of suspended tents. It might reveal us such Trillium, a small, stackable, versatile three person hammock. We might sleep up to three persons i.e. Vista, a two layer tree tent and the big tent in the range called as Trilogy. Thus, it might be a massive shelter capable of holding six people associated with three separated sleeping areas and a central canopy.

Note that in 2014 it was likely to introduce about tensile revolutionized the world camping. It might be unveiled a suspended and portable tree houses namely the Tentsile Tree tent. In 2012, Alex Shirley-Smith and Kirk Kirchev, both was designers who tried to invent the tent and next it might be become or picked up into 2015/2016 IPSO BrandNew award. Indeed, it might be a part of its environmental initiative being kept the trees for every tent bought. Reading more . More info: (h/t: mymodernmet, colossal)