Amazing Short Story Of The Crow And The Deer And Khmer Song

Cambodia has its quite few stories such as modern, classic and long and short stories. It has many long and short stories. Some stories have not author and we do not get any date to write them. The short stories mostly relied on the mouth from one to another. Furthermore, some short stories take animals to be as representative for human. For example, this story has been represented three animals such as crow, deer and wolf. The crow is represented for honest friend and clever, the deer is ignorant who is associated with dishonest friend, and the wolf is represented as dishonest friend who always wanted to get benefit from someone. So, before taking a friend with someone, we should consider whether s/he is truly honest with us or not.

Once there lived together as friends two animals; a crow and a deer. Later on a wolf met the deer in the forest and wanted to be his friend; then the deer agreed. Then the two animals often me each other.

But the crow knew that the wolf very wicked and dishonest; then he warned the deer that not to be friendly with the wolf. The crow said “The wolf pretends to be friendly, when you are taken in by his tricks, he will kill you sometime” By and by the deer deer fell into the wolf tricks, so he did not listen to crow warning. He agreed to come to the wolf’s place everyday.

One day the wolf saw a trap in the forest; then he thought he would lead the deer to it; and when the deer was caught in the trap, he would eat him. Planning to kill the deer, the deer went to see the deer at his place; and then the wolf told the deer that there was some good food somewhere in the forest. It was not easy to find food. When the deer heard this, he was very happy to go with the wolf who guided him to the trap. And finally he was caught in the trap. Being afraid of death, the deer called for help from the wolf; the wolf pretended to be afraid of the man who came to see the trap; then he went to the forest to hide until the deer would be killed; then he would eat him.

One day when the crow did not see the deer come back in evening, he flew around everywhere as far as the forest the forest where the deer was caught in trap; then he saw the deer and said to him “Oh, friend! Why are you caught in the trap?”

The deer told the crow “This is my mistake in believing the wolf who ask me to come with him to find food here; now when the trap holds me, he leaves me here and he goes away. Please save my life.” The crow told the deer to play a trick with the hunter; then he said “When you see the hunter come to see the trap. You lie down as a dead deer and don’t move. No not even breath! The hunter will be sure that you are dead. When he takes you off the trap, you will hear me crowing, you are to get up and run into the forest away from the man.” The deed agreed to the crow’s plan.

When the hunter came to see his trap, he saw the deer caught; then he thought that the deer had died. He took the deer off the trap and put him on one side; he look around him; when the crow saw that the hunter was not pay attention to the deer, he crowed to let the deer run away and the deer ran quickly at high speed into forest. When the hunter saw the deer ran away, he took a sword and ran after the deer to throw the sword at the deer, but the sword dropped on the wolf who waited for the deer’s meat in bush near the trap. The sword struck the wolf’s neck killing him.

The crow guided the deer to the forest when the hunter could not kill him any more. Source: Dik Keam

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