Amazing Japanese Army Uses Snow To Create Star Wars Sculpture

Japan seems to try to strengthen its national defense via increasing national budget, producing new weapons and other defensed equipment in order to protect maritime territory and other islands faced as tag of war between China and South Korea. Within fan and showing its ability, star wars fans have been created what we have never ever seen before time.

Accordingly, the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces’ 11th Brigade carried out their capacity of the star wars as the fans as well as perform its force to use bulldozers to move 3,500 tons of snow into a pile. These forces carefully crafted into a 23 m wide and 15 tall epic monument to Darth Vader and their imperial forces. These snow sculptures were completed with an installing posse of Storm Troopers and TIE fighters. The star wars of snow and their sculptures were the epic sculpture that has been partaken to 66th annual Sapporo Snow Festival. Reading more . More info: | (h/t:mymodernmetrocketnews)

01-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4uImage credits: Asako

02-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4uImage credits: moviepilot

03-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4u Image credits:

04-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4u Image credits: rocketnews24

05-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4uImage credits: rocketnews24

06-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4u Image credits: rocketnews24

07-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4u Image credits: yuuu1

08-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4uImage credits: takeoi

09-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4uImage credits: la negra les

10-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4u Image credits: saadahz

11-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4u Image credits: rocketnews24

12-giant-star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-best-offer4u Image credits: rocketnews24