Amazing Deadly Beauties In Colorful Tribute To Day Of The Dead

The deadly beautiful beauties in colorful tribute to day of the dead are an art which may be reminded to someone’s dead. This is a creative idea done by Tim Tadder. He is California-based photographer who often created new idea, for instance, it brought her back to life in this haunting photo series namely ‘Las Muertas’. More reading

This is inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead compromised the choice of skull-painted women pays subtle homage to the festival’s Aztec roots – the goddess of the underworld Mictecacihuatl. Although Tim Tadder has any creative idea, he still needed someone help him for this project. So, artist Krisztianna helped to this idea and Julia Reeser provided him as costume designer. As a result, it is appeared in the symbolism what is something deadly and beautiful at the casual faces, indifferent and/or curious. More Info: | Behance | Facebook | Instagram | 500x | Twitter | (h/t:ufunk)

dia-de-los-muertos-day-of-dead-makeup-best-offer4u-01Images Source: Tim Tadder

dia-de-los-muertos-day-of-dead-makeup-best-offer4u-02Images Source: Tim Tadder

dia-de-los-muertos-day-of-dead-makeup-best-offer4u-03Images Source: Tim Tadder

dia-de-los-muertos-day-of-dead-makeup-best-offer4u-04Images Source: Tim Tadder

dia-de-los-muertos-day-of-dead-makeup-best-offer4u-05Images Source: Tim Tadder

dia-de-los-muertos-day-of-dead-makeup-best-offer4u-06Images Source: Tim Tadder

dia-de-los-muertos-day-of-dead-makeup-best-offer4u-07Images Source: Tim Tadder

dia-de-los-muertos-day-of-dead-makeup-best-offer4u-08Images Source: Tim Tadder