Amazing Days Of Christmas-Themed Makeup

Brittni Price, 24, is self-taught makeup artist and body and face painter from Atlanta, GA. Last year, she lost her job as a manager from a high end hair salon and so she seemed bleak to where she would go. Fortunately, she had much free time to drill and expand what she truly loved, make-up. In November, she met a makeup challenge on Instagram, hosted by a school based in Southern California. Next, she decided “why not take a stab at it?”. On December 1st, she was using the makeup she had and acrylic paint, and then she sat on her bathroom counter mixing and painting away her own understandings of the pre-created list counting down until Christmas. Note that most seems to take 2-6 hours relying on the detail or on herself being anal retentive. She similarly created prosthetics among aluminum foil, much adhesive and toilet paper.

Around a week into the challenge, a close friend provided her some professional body paints. From now on, the school hosting the challenge has highlighted 3 amid her looks and the reply to her work has become very positive. Based on the case, she grew up on Tim Burton films and so some of the looks have a macabre feel to them and leads to her favorite. In the moment, she scheduled on going till the last month or till she might get the other job (i.e. positively in this industry). More reading. More info: Instagram

01-25-days-of-christmas-themed-makeup-13__880-day 1 candy caneImage Credit: Brittni Price

02-25-days-of-christmas-themed-makeup-15__880-day 12 ElfImage Credit: Brittni Price

03-25-days-of-christmas-themed-makeup-16__880- day 16 The GrinchImage Credit: Brittni Price

04-25-days-of-christmas-themed-makeup-17__880 Day17 SnowflakeImage Credit: Brittni Price

05-25-days-of-christmas-themed-makeup-19__880 Day 20 GoldenImage Credit: Brittni Price

06-25-days-of-christmas-themed-makeup-20__880 Day 22 PresentImage Credit: Brittni Price