Amazing Cambodian Short Story Of The Hungry Liar And Khmer Song

This story is to tell and indicate us that there are two boys who are so clever to lie against each other. It means that if you may lie someone, you may also get cheat from somebody. When you think you are clever more than the other, the other think they may be smart more than you. In fact, don’t think you are always clever and cheat them all time and at any time you may get back your action; Khmer sayings said “Don’t blow your horn.” Thus, it is only true deed that may be continued forever.

Once a boy lived with his mother who fed a pig. When the pig grew up, the boy wanted to eat it; he said “Mother! I want to eat pork. Mother, may I kill your pig to eat it?” The mother refused saying “No Why do you like to eat so much? Keep him to sell.” When the boy heard his mother’s refusal, he still want to eat pork day after day. one day, the boy woke up and told his mother “Mother! God send me a dream last night of place where there is a lot of gold. Mother! Could you go with me to bring the gold?” The mother asked him “Where is it?” And “If you go with me and do as I told you, you will see the gold.” Said by the boy.

The boy with his mother took a basket and went to the forest far away from home, then he covered a place with the basket and sat tightly on it and called his mother “Mother! Come to help me to push the basket down on this place where there is a lot of gold.” Mother! Keep on pushing it and wait for me while I run back home to get a hoe to dig for gold. Mother! Keep on pushing this basket, do not leave it. If you leave it the gold may go away.”

When the mother heard what her son told her, she pushed on the basket strongly and waited for him to come from home. The boy arrived at home, killed the pig and asked his friends to eat and drink happily. The mother waited for him in the forest for a long time. She did not see him come back and was very tired. Her hands and legs weary, so her hands left the basket; then she looked in the basket. Nothing was in it.

When the mother knew that her son had played on a trick on her, she came back home. She saw that her son had eaten up the pork with his friends and drank happily. She was very angry with him and told his brother “My son is very bad. I will not feed him any more. You must put him in a a sack and throw him into the river.”

“What is wrong with you? Why do you want to kill your son?” Said her brother. She told him “He played a trick on me asking me to stay in the forest and to collect gold. I had waited for him a long time in the forest until I was hungry. When I came back home, I saw that he with his friends had killed my pig and ate it. I had only one pig which I fed for sale.”

Then, her brother put the boy in the sack and brought him into the river. When he arrived at the river, the boy said to his uncle “Oh, my uncle! Please have pity on me. I will die so please go back home and bring my book of lies which I put on the shelf. When I die I will be reborn. If I do not have the art of lying how could I play a trick for food? I may die again.”

The uncle took pity on his nephew and then he went back home to pick up the book for him. The uncle left him by the side of the river. At that time, a leper came to the boy. On learning that there was a leper near by he said “To heal my leprosy I have been in this sack a long time, but I can’t see myself if it has been cured or not. But I touch my body, it seems to have been cured.”

The leper heard that the boy was in the sack to treat the leprosy, so he asked the boy “Have you been cured” The boy told “Because I have been leper, one put me a long time in this sack for being healed, but I do not know whether I have been healed or not. Please have a pity on me to untie the sack.” The leper untied the sack to get the boy out. The boy got out and brushed himself off and said “I am healed.”

The leper heard the boy say he had cured, then he asked the boy “May I cure leprosy in your sack? The boy was very happy and thought I won’t die. I have this leper to die for me” The boy told the leper “If you want to heal very fast, you must not speak, if someone calls you, you must not speak to him.”

When the leper knew the boy’s explanations, he got in the sack and told the boy to tie it up. The boy tied the sack and went away from it. His uncle could not find the lying book, so he knew that his nephew told him a lie. His uncle was very angry and he thought “When I arrive at the river, I will throw him into the river” So he walked very fast to the river and he hit and drubbed the leper with stick.

The boy wanted to be cured, so he kept silent. The uncle thought that it was his nephew, and after the drubbing he threw him into the water. When the boy went away from from the leper, he met another liar who bathed. That liar saw the boy from afar, he dived for a while and then emerged “I dived to bottom of the river, I saw people playing cards, I won and I got a lot money, but I could not take it with me. I brought only a little.”

The heard and trust him, so he dived into the river to take money from people. When he dived, he hit head on a tree in the water and it started bleed. Then he knew that a man who told him was a liar too. The boy planned to get even with him and came out of the water “When I dived into the water to ask for the money from people as you have told me, I saw many people playing game. I won and got a lot of money. When I asked for the money from them, they told me to ask you. If you do not believe me, look my broken head.”

The liar knew that the boy was clever to lie against a liar. Finally, the liar gave him some money and aske him to be brotherly so they could lie together from that day on. Source: Dik Keam, Cambodian Short Stories, 1962

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