Amazing Body Painter Turns Humans Into Animals

This is so amazing and interesting art done and decorated by Florida-based artist Shannon Holt. She tried to make a master of disguising human body under her unique body art paintings. She decorated animals on human body with each animal according to her art design, and her models became canvases for colorful animal portraits that took Holt from 6 to 12 hours to paint each. Indeed, her paints are beautiful and so attractive to view and drop boredom from hard work throughout the world. More info: More reading

01florida-wildlife-series-body-paintings-shannon-holt-25Creative idea: Shannon Holt

02florida-wildlife-series-body-paintings-shannon-holt-25Creative idea: Shannon Holt

03florida-wildlife-series-body-paintings-shannon-holt-25Creative idea: Shannon Holt

04florida-wildlife-series-body-paintings-shannon-holt-25Creative idea: Shannon Holt

05florida-wildlife-series-body-paintings-shannon-holt-25Creative idea: Shannon Holt

06florida-wildlife-series-body-paintings-shannon-holt-25Creative idea: Shannon Holt

07florida-wildlife-series-body-paintings-shannon-holt-25Creative idea: Shannon Holt

08florida-wildlife-series-body-paintings-shannon-holt-25Creative idea: Shannon Holt

09florida-wildlife-series-body-paintings-shannon-holt-25Creative idea: Shannon Holt