Scenery Images of Amazing World’s Longest And Highest Glass

In these scenery images, developing bridge crosses the river from one to another edge of the river seem to be not surprisingly in the world in first century. Richest and/or rich countries are likely to look for valley or cliff to make a bridge crossed from the one corner cliff to another cliff of the corner. This wants to brag someone and/or partner competition about its capacity and/or high technology in relation with development of construction. This may be also for tourism and technological development.

This may look at China today. China seemed to brag its new beautiful glass bridge taking the “watch where you’re going”. It is around 370 meters long and stands 400 meters above the ground. That is why it is so amazing and interesting glass bridge in the world. This is a plan done Israeli architect, Haim Dotan bridge. It may span the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon being been creating for some scenic and scary views. It may have be able to charge up to 800 tourists at the one time. In July, they may be already planning to host fashion events on the thing and this bridge will have to slate to open.

Note that Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and its sandstone towers were inspired for Pandora, located in the film Avatar. Based on estimate, the bridge may be much longer than the cantilever walkway known as in Longgang National Geological Park and the Grand Canyon Skywalk; USA. Furthermore, it is the highest bungee jump point in the world. It is likely to guess that this bridge for people who do not find walks at 400 meters in the air, so on this glass it may be thrilled enough to do that. Reading more . More info: (h/t: dailymail)

01-longest-highest-zhangjiajie-glass-bottom-bridge-haim-dotan-2-3 Images Source: demilked

02-longest-highest-zhangjiajie-glass-bottom-bridge-haim-dotan-2-2 Images Source: demilked

03-longest-highest-zhangjiajie-glass-bottom-bridge-haim-dotan-2-1 Images Source: demilked

Even we can see this glass bridge is big and strong steel, the bridge seems to be allowed to park only 30 visitors on it at the same time. Note that the bridge is 16ft/4 m longer than Arizona Skywalk based on calculation in place. As we have known that this walkway was opened in Chongqing last month in order to give all visitors and tourists to visit there. It is so amazing when we stand at 400 m above the ground. It seems to be that we are in the air taking the “watch where you’re going”. Tourists and visitors can easily cross from one cliff to another cliff. They may be not feared about ground scenery.

04-longest-highest-zhangjiajie-glass-bottom-bridge-haim-dotan-13 Images Source: demilked

05-longest-highest-zhangjiajie-glass-bottom-bridge-haim-dotan-10 Images Source: demilked

06-longest-highest-zhangjiajie-glass-bottom-bridge-haim-dotan-2 Images Source: demilked

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon has been inspired for planet Pandora in Avatar. Anywhere on the bridge we can come across everything from above and see as sightseeing. Visitors and tourists may be pleased and happy to there while this walkway was opened last month.

07-longest-highest-zhangjiajie-glass-bottom-bridge-haim-dotan-11 Images Source: demilked

08-longest-highest-zhangjiajie-glass-bottom-bridge-haim-dotan-12 Images Source: demilked

09-longest-highest-zhangjiajie-glass-bottom-bridge-haim-dotan-9Images Source: demilked