Wonderful Historic Metro Stations In Russia

Under the streets of Moscow, there is a full world of magnificent architecture for visitors to discover, that is, there is no one besides what is the Moscow Metro. David Burdeny, who is an architect-turned-photographer from Canada, asserted that he was the initial photographer ever to be permitted to shoot the stations after-hours, when they were closed to passengers. More reading 

Kiyevsskaya Metro Station (east), Moscow

01-moscow-metro-station-architecture-russia-bright-future-david-burdeny-8 Image Credit: David Burdeny

Sokol Metro Station, Moscow

02-moscow-metro-station-architecture-russia-bright-future-david-burdeny-3 Image Credit: David Burdeny

Opened in 1935, the Moscow Metro had been developed under the big one of Soviet propaganda project. Truly, the magnificent architectural designs were anticipated to projection of a bright future for the empire, as the superintendent design principles had been named “svet” (light) and “sveltloe budushchee” (bright future). Several of the stations feature were out of order with Soviet leaders such as Lenin or murals with standard Soviet propaganda elements such as the Homo Sovieticus. More reading 

Kiyevsskaya Station, Moscow

03-moscow-metro-station-architecture-russia-bright-future-david-burdeny-10 Image Credit: David Burdeny

Avoto Metro Station, St. Petersburg

04-moscow-metro-station-architecture-russia-bright-future-david-burdeny-14 Image Credit: David Burdeny