Scenery Images of Unbelievable Living In Tiny Rooms In Japan

In relation to see in scenery images, this is introducing the real life in Japan. That is, we used to hear about Japan’s extraordinary ‘capsule hotels’; however, one popular photographer, who created intimate photos, gave us a personal look at another set of tight living quarters. His name has been known as Mr. Won Kim. This is noticed that it is likely to be a hidden hotel in Tokyo served as guesthouse for backpackers.

That is, Kim walked across the hotel when he was backpackers across Japan. He lived there for many months and befriending some residents and photographing the small, womb like spaces. This was to call home of them. Note that he returned two years later to photograph all of these scenery. The whole hotel is situated in a single floor of an office building in north east Tokyo. In fact, some of the residents were short term visitors as the others were basically permanent residents according to Kim said.

Kim continued to say as quoted “For me, the real interest of the resulting portraits is in how each resident has made use of a such a small, confining space,”. “In each case, the sharply-defined space and its contents tell something about its occupant’s personality, and his or her ability to function in such a strange, enclosed environment”. Please help view these tiny living rooms as following. Reading more. More info: | Instagram (h/t: modernmet, demilked)




04-capsule-hotel-home-photography-enclosed-living-small-won-kim-japan-3 Source : Won Kim