The Plane May Save The Passengers Via Detaching Its Cabin

Currently, there many accident planes that lead to make catastrophe and die quite few passengers. From these experiences, Ukrainian aviation engineer Vladimir Tatarenko has initiated to work 3 years in order to find a way that whether we can save and survive a plane crash or not. His idea was invented to a detachable plane cabin that may be ejected within the seconds in relation with case of emergency. Moreover, the cabin may land not only on the ground, but also the water. In order to get safe for all passengers, it has parachutes attached to its roof and inflatable rubber tubes to keep it afloat in the case of need indeed.

Vladimir Tatarenko, who was initially made such experience, affirmed LiveLeak “Surviving in a plane crash is possible” and “While aircraft engineers all over the world are trying to make planes safer, they can do nothing about the human factor.” Really, so long as the plane explodes or has been under a rocket attack, it could not help such matter. Similarly, other experts seem to give any argument that the detachable cabin might destabilize the structural integrity of the plane. What about the pilots?. Last resort, this idea may let consider into future accident plane in order that it may mitigate or contribute some areas to avoid passengers’ death and to be confident of aviation companies all over the world. More Reading . More info: Youtube (h/t: dailymail, mashable)

“Surviving in a plane crash is possible,” says inventor Tatarenko

Once detached, two gunpowder engines slow down the speed and the parachutes deploy

So the passengers can safely land on the ground

Inflatable rubber tubes can also keep the cabin afloat if needed

No need to worry about your luggage – the cabin also includes a storage space

The cabin can be ejected through a rear hatch at the tail end of the plane during take-off, flight, or landing

Please watch the typical video to get as further information: