Body Art And The Lost Connection Between People And Nature

This is to introduce something as seeing the link between ourselves and others and particularly the nature and our modern life at present time. Under such “other species” project, we may see the modern people who were coming back to the nature and beginning ‘seeing through the native eyes’ in incredibility. Via understanding the ‘language of nature’, it really gives us so colorful artistic body-paintings associated with making on human bodies and captured in related artistic image. Indeed, this was made such series in 2013/2014 at what time there had been photographing and painting the people bodies being done in Sweden. More reading. More info: | Facebook | Instagram

01-1796693_646152555422747_1342198006_n__880Image Credit: Vilija Vitkute

02-1175241_552645484773455_1721924208_n__880Image Credit: Vilija Vitkute

03-999863_549780345059969_929603588_n__880Image Credit: Vilija Vitkute

04-945981_557165117654825_676121954_n__880Image Credit: Vilija Vitkute

05-733747_491018394269498_527957752_n__880Image Credit: Vilija Vitkute

06-549940_501662026538468_976666120_n__880Image Credit: Vilija Vitkute


08-544251_498931733478164_923883100_n__880Image Credit: Vilija Vitkute