Tattoos Bring Breast Cancer Survivors Into Beauty Scars

Breast cancer survivors are often scared or worried about their scar on breast. In order to minimize and/or create a happy for those people, tattoo artist initiate idea on these breast surgeon as art. Mastectomy is a procedure to treat breast cancer, but beyond this, the tattoo is a apart of minimized scare of cancer and next it create beauty scars on these operated breast.

With masking the scars, missing nipples, and aiding breast recreation surgery, it provides what has been considered for the breast cancer survivors that it is more pleasant appearance to areas of radical mastectomy. That is, it does not benefit only physical, cited in psychological patient, but also help beautiful scars for women and back in control. So, beauty and complexity these tattoos are really indeed with the skill of the artists.

Now, mastectomy tattoos are trending in the new growth. Accordingly, Personal Ink project is to help breast cancer survivors to meet with tattoo artists in order to get inked just way they like. Quite few artists have participated in the project, for instance, David Allen and Shane Wallin, those tried to create the featured work. This cited by Allen “I’ll never forget it. What was clinical became beautiful again… we turned sterile into sensual. We took back control.” according to his experience in MyModernMet. Reading more. More info: | | (h/t: mymodernmet)

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