Scenery Images of Amazing Mystical Forest In Belgium

Via seeing in scenery images, the mystical and fairy tale-like forest seen in these beautiful photos actually exists. This is called Hallerbos or Halle Forest in Dutch. But, it is really located in Belgium. This forest seems like that it has been lifted right out of a fairytale is its dense carpet of bluebell flowers. Indeed, these flowers thrive and bloom in spring and early summer. That is, it shows their characteristic explosion of blue and violet in which it gives bluebell forests as this one is introduced their name. More reading

01-bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-1Image credits: Kilian Schönberger

02-bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-7Image credits: Walter Spoor

03-bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-2Image credits: Kilian Schönberger

04-bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-5Image credits: Matthias Locker

05-bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-6Image credits: Ramon Stijnen

06-bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-10Image credits: gvriend

07-bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-11Image credits: Mathijs Frenken

08-bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-12Image credits: Kilian Schönberger

09-bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-15Image credits: Adrian Popan