Scenery Images Of The Fate Of Disney Princesses And Pop Icons

Look! This is Mykie who tries to get a self-taught LA based professional beauty and special effects makeup artist. Not similar to several other beauty gurus and beautiful scenery in conjunction with the fate of Disney princesses, she does not desire to restrict herself to get involved in preppy glamorous looks. However, she started to go for scary and frequently downright gross special effects. Thus, the artist achieved her works on Youtube and Instagram which might has been attracted over one million followers indeed.

Please take a look at many of her amazing and splendid work and you may see that she shows off both the Glamorous and the Gory side of her creepy creations. Lastly, the makeup artist seemed to introduce herself as ‘Things are about to get pretty ugly’ together in total facts. More reading

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01- scenery image of snowwhite Image Source: glam and gore

02-scenery images of lana-del-reyImage Source: glam and gore

03-scenery images of rupunzeleImage Source: glam and gore

04-scenery images of arieleImage Source: glam and gore

05-scenery images of elsa1Image Source: glam and gore

06- scenery images of undineeImage Source: glam and gore

07-scenery images of kalesiImage Source: glam and gore

08-scenery images of klaunasImage Source: glam and gore

09- scenery images of makeup-artist-mykie-glam-and-gore-Image Source: glam and gore