Scenery Images of the Biblical Story of Adam and Eve

Look! This is so wonderful art prepared by Adrian Mcdonald. He initiated to be amazed with biblical of story of Adam and Eve, that is, it shows what inspired this series. Being a fine art photographer, he frequently fought for subjectivity and objectivity. That is, the art not for self nor singular or linear perception but for its understanding to be as massive as the viewers. Those may see his work based on the facts existing; objectively. In natural sceneries, he realized that the day could come while his representation of art would hit the wall. Thus, he could have to decide whether he may be going to turn back or break it down and go thru it. With sceneries images, it may present something as the most likely race of Adam and Eve. However, scientific articles related the research and study, indicated the fact that either Adam was of dark skin while Eve was light-skinned and/or vice versa. That is, this is based on how genes work. In short, gene structure might be not likely to create the races/skins colors there have been so far. More reading. More info: Instagram

01-Adam-Real-Deal-5730b1bf0ea30__880 Images Credit:Adrian Mcdonald
02-22no-light-5730b1761321e__880Images Credit:Adrian Mcdonald
03-33-5730b17e0f116__880Images Credit:Adrian Mcdonald
04-44hairfix-5730b18875a9f__880Images Credit:Adrian Mcdonald
05-55-5730b1915199f__880Images Credit:Adrian Mcdonald
06-1-5730b1589e7ff__880Images Credit:Adrian Mcdonald
Images Credit:Adrian Mcdonald