Scenery Images of Chaos And Elegance In Gravity

Looking at beautiful images, we may be not avoidable to praise Ravshaniya who now is 33 years old. Relied on her saying, Ravshaniya was her name located in the passport and she also utilized it as a pseudonyme. In her profile, she has been awarded in the University of Art. Within her photos, she normally applied only sunlight. Besides, she tried not only to use any additional artificial light, but also she tried to show that why her photos were mostly taken at the day time. More reading

As seen accordingly relevant these levitation photos, it may be entirely real. Moreover, all the backgrounds become real too and this is not a computer art. For instance, this indicates not only all kind of supports and equipment were used to make the people levitate, but also these objects were masque in Photoshop. Indeed, everybody you see in these photos and each flying object was introduced in the frame in period of shooting. More info: | Facebook

01-Levitation-577b55320f517__880 Image Source: Ravshaniya

02-Levitation-577b5524bc7f3__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

03-1-for-web-577a3388bce3e__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

04-LA-SPOSA-for-web-577a322351fe7__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

05-1-for-web-577a3285233ea__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

06-1-for-web-577a34977690d__880Image Source: Ravshaniya


08-COVER-3-577a34111b3fb__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

09-1-for-web-577a34af45485__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

10-Levitation-577b550d40a3f__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

11-Levitation-577b5510b34fc__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

12-Levitation-577b5519a690a__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

13-Levitation-577b551e5b21f__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

14-Levitation-577b55293117f__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

15-Levitation-577b553f54d9d__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

16-Levitation-577b5b53e60dc__880Image Source: Ravshaniya

17-Levitation-577b5b5abcb2d__880Image Source: Ravshaniya