Scenery Images of Beautiful Fairytales To Life In Kiev

Being seen in the relevant scenery images, we may see this photo project that was made for children and adults who prefer and love fairytales. Accordingly, each photo may be seen as fabulous Kyiv and introduced into its most beautiful places. More reading

With popular profile, the well-known Ukrainian celebrities glanced at the core characters in our project. For example, we may have seen Author; Iryna Chorna, photographer; Iryna Dzul, style, Chervona Vorona, MUA, Julia Sablina, Ann Bogdan, and Elena Shcherbakova. More info: Facebook

01-Photoproject-Fairytale-Kyiv-57907415b0e2d__700-Gulliver Image Source: Kazkovuykyiv

Peter Pan
02-Photoproject-Fairytale-Kyiv-5790742668c8a__700-Peter PanImage Source: Kazkovuykyiv

Cinderalla And The Prince
03-Photoproject-Fairytale-Kyiv-579074225c756__700-Cinderalla And The PrinceImage Source: Kazkovuykyiv

04-Photoproject-Fairytale-Kyiv-579074246924e__700-RapunzelImage Source: Kazkovuykyiv

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
05-3Z4A9017-26100-578f66c256cea__700-Snow White And The Seven DwarfsImage Source: Kazkovuykyiv

Alice In Wonderland
06-Photoproject-Fairytale-Kyiv-579077d18fd01__700-Alice In WonderlandImage Source: Kazkovuykyiv

The Little Mermaid
07-Photoproject-Fairytale-Kyiv-5790742b9e536__700- The Litle MermaidImage Source: Kazkovuykyiv

Beauty And The Beast
08-3Z4A9666-71641002-578f66ca0ffbd__700-Beauty And The BeastImage Source: Kazkovuykyiv

09-Photoproject-Fairytale-Kyiv-5790742a10687__700-AladdinImage Source: Kazkovuykyiv

10-Photoproject-Fairytale-Kyiv-5790741790535__700-EsmeraldaImage Source: Kazkovuykyiv