Scenery Images of Amazing Transformation Into Any Celebrity

Look! This is amazing skills in scenery images of Ms. Lucia Pittalis who may perform her skill to transform herself into many celebrities in the world. Really true, she is a painter and makeup artist and a huge cinema, theater and music lover. she is concerned my passion for portraits and makeup by improving an artistic project with her turning herself into characters and celebrities, moving forward from the contouring techniques to the limit. Note that she did not use prosthetic appliances. Accordingly,it give us so funny to make a character with your own possibilities. Besides, she buy old stuff, for example, wigs and accessories at markets and after that she started to study the characters watching photos, movies, videos. As seeing scenery images, she might put on some background music concerned with character and so it induces her to put something as she wanted into the mood. Lastly, she was prepared herself to watch the photos in the mirror for hours. More reaidng . More info: Instagram

She fussed her passion for portraits and makeup via developing an artistic project with her turning herself into characters and celebrities
01-i-transform-myself-into-famous-people-using-makeup-576aa67e4dc7f__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis

Rocky before the match
03-how-to-have-fun-with-1000-faces-576a9a95cf2e7__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis

Rocky after the match
02-how-to-have-fun-with-1000-faces-576a9a92c8210__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis

Paint it black with Keith Richards
04-how-to-have-fun-with-1000-faces-576a9aa5d4011__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis

Lust for Iggy Pop
05-how-to-have-fun-with-1000-faces-576a9a8102586__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis

You are on a mission from God, Jake! i.e. The Blues Brothers
06-how-to-have-fun-with-1000-faces-576a9a8a5059e__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis

Who’s dead? and true Jessica Fletcher
07-how-to-have-fun-with-1000-faces-576a9a8ce348c__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis

Tribute to the mighty Bette Davis in “Return from Witch Mountain”
08-how-to-have-fun-with-1000-faces-576a9a7c04468__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis

From The Captain Jack Sparrow to Lucia and Makeover In reverse

Jim Morrison connected with Poetry
10-how-to-have-fun-with-1000-faces-576a9a9004988__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis

First Blood Represented Rambo
11-how-to-have-fun-with-1000-faces-576a9a76c1708__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis

12-how-to-have-fun-with-1000-faces-576a9a7f11758__880Image Source: Lucia Pittalis