Scenery Images of Amazing Prove Kids In Versions Of Their Parents

Look! This is scenery images that have been presented the comparison between kids and the version of their parents. In the photos, when a baby is born, all the aunties seem to begin the never-ending debate if the newborn looked like mom or dad. Yet, sometimes there has no a discussion being been needed. In fact, sometimes it seems like each kid is whole a clone of one in conjunction with the parents. Via spending time to collect such these versions, Bored Panda produces a list of kids and parents photographed at the same age and both trended to twins. In short, if you look like a copy-paste version of your mom or dad, please send it to Bored Panda for uploading your pics edited side-by-side. More reading

Mom Aged 26 And Daughter Age 23
01-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-35__700Image Source: Viktorija G.

Mom And Daughter
02-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-30__700Image Source: Viktorija G.

Dad At 29 With Son At 2 Weeks. Dad At 29 With His Boy At 2 Weeks
03-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-33__700Image Source: Viktorija G.

Dad And His Friend 30 Years Ago Vs Dad And His Son Today
04-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-354__700Image Source: Viktorija G.

Mom Is On The Left With Her First Born Son 41 Years Ago And Mom On The Right With Her First Born Son Today
05-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-26__700Image Source: Viktorija G.

Mother & Daughter
06-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-31__700Image Source: Viktorija G.

Father Passed When He Was 4, But People Always Told Him That He Looked Like Father
07-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-192__700Image Source: Viktorija G.

Dad In 1978, Him In 2013
08-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-28__700Image Source: Viktorija G.

Father And Son. Same Age, Same Shirt
09-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-24__700Image Source: Viktorija G.

Father And Son. Both 20 Years Old
10-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-101__700Image Source: Viktorija G.

Mother And Her, Both Age 25
11-kids-parents-look-alikes-same-genes-25__700Image Source: Viktorija G.