Scenery Images of Amazing Politicians Selected Snapchat To Help Win Votes

Look! This is so amazing and incredible as similar as Halloween with some politicians and world leaders. That is, the political pendulum has apparently swung between scandal and satire in conjunction with the US Election campaign. However, what has become missing is much silliness in connection with the form of Snapchat pictures.

When voters are ready to come to the polls, the global creative community at DesignCrowd has instigated to reflect how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump might have spread their messages and personality via social media posts. In this case, the entries to the contest featured classic Snapchat filters comprising rainbow puke, goggle eyes and butterfly halos. Indeed, there introduced several ideas for how other world leaders could see if they adopted a Snapchat pose. More reading. More info:

Puppy-Faced Presidential candidate
01-hillaryclinton_02-58216568d3c0c__605Image Source: Jo Sabin

Trump in bloom
02-donaldtrump_02-5821677b5b61a-png__605Image Source: Jo Sabin

Sick of campaigning?
03-hillaryclinton_01-5821679181690-png__605Image Source: Jo Sabin

Pucker up
04-donaldtrump_03-5821678207493-png__605Image Source: Jo Sabin

Cartoon campaign
05-hillaryclinton_04-582165734c45d__605Image Source: Jo Sabin

Butterflies wouldn’t melt…
06-donaldtrump_04-58216789721dc-png__605Image Source: Jo Sabin

Still the underdog?
07-donaldtrump_01-58216547b36f6__605Image Source: Jo Sabin

Sad Angela
08-angelamerkel-5821676d94556-png__605Image Source: Jo Sabin

Barking Barack
09-barackobama-58216774a24a1-png__605Image Source: Jo Sabin

Puppy Putin
10-vladimirputin-5821679842228-png__605Image Source: Jo Sabin