Scenery Images of Amazing Over 100 Watercolor Paintings Of Celebrities

Look! This is so amazing and attractable for us to view all relevant photos indeed. That is, celebrities sit down or sleep on sandwiches via colorful paintings done by This is desired goal of author or initiative group to create original watercolor paintings feature two of internet’s most popular subjects i.e. celebrities and food. As seen in scenery images, this food may have been not dared to eat because those celebrities are started from president to reputed persons in society and in the world if the food is designed as true. Thus, ladies and gentlemen may judge and reflect accordingly to your idea and concept for this matter indeed. More reading. More info: | Instagram

Barack Obama On A Tuna Melt
01-obama02-582cd182bf870__700Image Source: Celebs on Sandwiches

Robert Downey Jr. On A Roast Beef Sandwich
02-ive-made-over-100-watercolor-paintings-of-celebs-on-sandwiches-582d6e3340880__700Image Source: Celebs on Sandwiches

Betty White On An Egg Salad Sandwich
03-bettywhite02-582cd15fc9959__700Image Source: Celebs on Sandwiches

Beyonce On A Pepperoni Panini
04-beyonce02-582cd162b57da__700Image Source: Celebs on Sandwiches

Ryan Reynolds On A Chimichanga Sandwich
05-ive-made-over-100-watercolor-paintings-of-celebs-on-sandwiches-582d6e3d4c509__700Image Source: Celebs on Sandwiches

Nicki Minaj On A Turkey And Pepperoni With Lettuce, Oil, And Vinegar
06-nickiminaj02-582cd17de5e5b__700Image Source: Celebs on Sandwiches

Bernie Sanders On A Meatball Sub
07-ive-made-over-100-watercolor-paintings-of-celebs-on-sandwiches-582d6e114a185__700Image Source: Celebs on Sandwiches

Peter Dinklage Aka Tyrion Lannister On A Braised Beef Sandwich
08-peterdinklage02-582cd186d283f__700Image Source: Celebs on Sandwiches

Miley Cyrus On A Bacon, Egg, And Cheese
09-ive-made-over-100-watercolor-paintings-of-celebs-on-sandwiches-582d6e134ee31__700Image Source: Celebs on Sandwiches

Snoop Dogg On A Fried Chicken And Waffle Sandwich
10-snoopdogg02-582cd18dc7492__700Image Source: Celebs on Sandwiches