Scenery Images of Amazing Most Powerful Anti-Smoking Ads

Look! This is joke and funny images, but it seems to have deeply meaning inferred to smoking and smoker’s group. In fact, each smoker has been awareness of catastrophic life with their habit causes. Accordingly, here this is amazing images and act to bring all of us in conjunction with some of the most innovative anti-smoking ads ever created. As seen in photos, from introducing graphic images of the damage being reasonable by smoking to calling to the smokers’ children, indeed the creatives working in such ad industry have made effort of it all.

However, the question may raise that do these ads truly help people quit smoking? We may not get any answer that represents a simple yes or no. Based on several researches, the multiple studies made in the previous decade have introduced that anti-smoking campaigns seem to be still the most cost-effective way to at least discourage new smokers from joining the club, more particularly at what time the people in in query are get involved in the youth. Lastly, do we really consider these ads work? This question is to find any answer from all of us both non-smoker and smoker. More reading

01-creative-anti-smoking-ads-15-5832e2b47e1ca__700Image Source: Inga Ko

Tobacco Teeth
02-creative-anti-smoking-ads-20-5832f8b03045d__700Image Source: Inga Ko

Smoking Isn’t Just Suicide. It’s Murder
03-creative-anti-smoking-ads-4-5832e2936e291__700Image Source: Inga Ko

Poor Swimmers
04-creative-anti-smoking-ads-2-5832e28e76c5f__700Image Source: Inga Ko

Smoking Causes Premature Aging
05-publicit-marquante-34-58330bd401ff9__700Image Source: Inga Ko

Secondhand Smoke Is Firsthand Death
06-creative-anti-smoking-ads-77-58341f5dd0b30__700Image Source: Inga Ko

The Smoke
07-creative-anti-smoking-ads-18-5832f4da5dd3d__700Image Source: Inga Ko

What We See When You Smoke
08-creative-anti-smoking-ads-53-58330320e279b__700Image Source: Inga Ko

The Smoker’s Lung
09-creative-anti-smoking-ads-67-583311caeeccf__700Image Source: Inga Ko

Cigarettes Smoke People
10-creative-anti-smoking-ads-59-5834246d0d0ee__700Image Source: Inga Ko