Scenery Image of Meditation and Comfort in Self Picture

Irinka Andreeva seemed to do not have time to walk in streets and photograph something as she wanted. However, this might be not really her style and people she was photographing always were irritable such “make me slimmer”, “make me beautiful”, “I look ugly”, “show me what you’ve got”, “take this profile – not that”, “send me immediately”. Backed to last one year, she began taking selfies, for example, she was making themes, outfits, makeup, setting camera on tripod and remote in her hands. Besides, she was always trying to hide and then seemed to find enormous satisfaction and meditation in sense of beautiful scenery. She did not have model proportions or height yet she had regret body shaming and learned how she took best pictures. Beyond, she created her pose and so it made her better look such as outfits. This might be suited her best and look better in the photos as much as she wanted to look in real life. In fact, this was a life she lived in and after that she might not change herself in reality and she was happy with her hobby. Indeed this may need just only free three hours for her to be bemusing at thrift hops with hoping in finding perfect peace for pictures or buying few rolls of wallpaper to create her background diverse, few little things are totally altering photo session themes. More reading . More info:

01-outfits-and-taking-selfies-573aeb64a13b9__880Image Credit: Irinka Andreeva

02-outfits-and-taking-selfies-57382d38d7564__880Image Credit: Irinka Andreeva

03-DSC_2129-57382911d6a53__880Image Credit: Irinka Andreeva

04-DSC_3028-copy-57382965c4362__880Image Credit: Irinka Andreeva

05-outfits-and-taking-selfies-57382d408ba0d__880Image Credit: Irinka Andreeva

06-outfits-and-taking-selfies-57382d3e9c2cb__880Image Credit: Irinka Andreeva

07-DSC_2025-5738245b4e028__880Image Credit: Irinka Andreeva

08-outfits-and-taking-selfies-57382d35a137e__880Image Credit: Irinka Andreeva

09-I-find-meditation-and-comfort-in-self-photography-573b001a74b58__880Image Credit: Irinka Andreeva