Scenery Images of Real Stories Of Feral Children Voiced In Dark Photos

Madina, Russia, 2013

Medina stayed with dogs when she was at 3 years old. She shared food, played and slept with them when it was cold during winter. In 2013, while social workers identified her, she was naked, walking on all fours and growling as a dog. Her father left her when she was birth and her mother, 23, took alcohol. She was often too drunk to seek for her child and frequently gone. She had invited local alcohol to see her house and her mother sit at the table to eat when she gnawed bones on the floor with the dogs. She ran away to a local playground while her mother was angry. Similar to other children, she could not play with her mother when she hardly speak and fought with someone. So, she played with dogs and only the best friends.

Physician affirmed that Medina was mentally and physically health even with trouble. She might be a good chance to get normal life once she had learned to speak more in connected with a child of her age.

09-feral-children-wild-animals-photos-fullerton-batten-3Image Credit: Julia Fullerton-Batten

Marina Chapman, Colombia, 1959

She was kidnapped at 5 years old in 1954 from remote South America. She was left in jungle by group of kidnappers. She stayed with a family of small i.e. capuchin monkeys during 5 years earlier she was discovered by hunters. She might eat berries, roots, and bananas dropped by the monkeys, slept in the holes in tree and walked on all fours. When she got bad food poisoning, elderly monkey carried her to pool of water and coerced her to drink. She vomited and started to recover. She became friends with the young monkeys and learned to climb trees and what was safe to eat.

She lost her language totally when she was rescued by hunters. She was sold by the hunters into brothel and then escaped and lived in the street urchin. After that she was became enslaved a mafia-style family before her neighbor saved her. She was sent to Bogotá to stay with her daughter and son-in-law. When she was her mid-teens, she was sent to work as a housekeeper and nanny by another family member. This family with Marina came to Bradford, Yorksire in the UK in 1997 and she is still alive. She got married and had children her younger daughter, Vanessa James, co-authored a book about her feral practices and those afterwards namely The Girl With No Name.

10-feral-children-wild-animals-photos-fullerton-batten-16Image Credit: Julia Fullerton-Batten

Prava (The Bird Boy), Russia, 2008

Prava was 7 years old who stayed in a tiny, two bedroom apartment. He lived with his 31 year old mother. He was detained in a room grouped by bird cages consisting of dozens of his mother pet birds, bird feed and dropping. He was never physically harmed because his mother was not either beat or left him with no food, yet she did not speak to him. He communicated with only the birds, and he never spoke, but chirped. While he was not known, he waved his arm and hands bird-like. He was sent to a center for psychological care and some doctors tried to rehabilitate him.

11-feral-children-wild-animals-photos-fullerton-batten-13Image Credit: Julia Fullerton-Batten
Shamdeo, INDIA, 1972

She was about 4 years old and discovered in the forest in India in 1972. He was playing with wolf cubs and his skin was very dark. He had sharpened teeth and long hooked fingernails included matted hair and calluses on his palms elbows and knees. He liked chicken-hunting that would eat earth and had a craving for blood. He tied with dogs. He was weaned off eating raw meat and never spoken, yet he learnt some sign language. In 1978, he was sent to Mother Theresa’s Home for the the Poor and Dying in Lucknow. He was gotten new name Pascal and died in February 1985.

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