Kaumahan Festival in Barili-Cebu in Philippines

Barili does belong to Cebu province and it is second income class municipality. In 2010 census, there has a population of 65,524. In the 2013 election, there might have registered voters of 46,579. It is 61 kilometers far from southwest of Cebu city. It has bordered with the south by the municipality of Dumanjug, with the north by municipality of Aloguisan with the east by the municipalities of Carcar and Sibonga and last with the west by the Tañon Strait. It has been recognized as the hometown of the Aguilar, Lozada, Paras and Zosa families. More reading

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Connected with Barili’s history, the word barili might be appeared from a local grass merely called balili. Next, the municipality was established in 1632, but it was noticed that the parish of Barili was just created in 1614. All of Barili was made by Spaniards based on their arrival at 1602 and now it still sees everywhere in this municipality. More reading

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Barili is something as similar to the other municipalities in Cebu province, that is, its economic output is crucially rice, maize, bananas, vegetables and coconuts. It may be relied on some tourism activities and other amazing place such as natural resources existed in the location. More reading

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As above mentioned, there are some tourism places including warm temperature, for instance, Mantayupan Falls that are located at 10°6′24″N 123°31′16″E. They are also closed to the eastern end of the Carcar—Barili Road and then it may be connected to the national highway. The falls are about 61 meters high, yet could not have a direct descent. Pools at different heights flow into the basin. Note that the waterfall has been recognized as one of three main tourist attractions located in the interior barangays of Barili. More reading

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Far beyond the tourism places, Barili has own and popular festival namely Kaumahan festival. This event was annually done all age of people in the local and the tourists. This festival may be introduced us something about after seasonal harvesting such as rice, maizes, bananas, vegetables, coconuts and the other products gathering at the end of seasonal time. Indeed, it is to show us about solidarity and participation among people in the region.

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