How Nice Khmer Music Of the Khmer Oldie Songs

Cambodia is Kingdom of Wonder. This means Cambodia has many different wonders the world never ever has such wonders like Cambodia. For example, Angkor Wat is very beautiful and awesome in the world. Note that Angkor Wat represents not only one temple in Cambodia, but also represents thousands and thousands temples across a country. Besides, we may have the other several temples located in former Khmer territory such as Thailand and Vietnam. Indeed, this country is truly Kingdom of Wonder in the world.

Besides Angkor Wat, we have so amazing lake the also never ever has it like Cambodia. It is a big lake in Southeast Asia which is enriched fresh fishes; Tonlé Sap Lake. In annual collection of fishes, the lake may be caught the fishes by fisherman with over thousand tons; more particularly the poor fisherman around nearby the lake. It may provide cheap protein of more or less 70% to rural poor people around the lake. In estimate, it may have given the cheap fresh fishes to rural people about over one million of polpulation. Interestingly, one Khmer proverb said “water flow never ever return”, but it is so amazing lake in the world because the lake may get water from Mekong River at rainy season and get back the same river at dry season. In fact, the river does not provide only protein, but also tourist attractive throughout the world to come here.

We still have the other many awesome sites to inform you, but at this time we want to focus on Khmer Oldie Songs, and we also want to preserve it because we are concerned that at any day such beautiful songs may be gone from the world. Currently, young Cambodians seem to involve the new import songs from the world rather than Khmer Oldie Songs indeed. Thus, this is a big concern that if we all together do not try preserve, no one does these songs for us.

Relied on deep concerns over the oldie songs, we would like to introduce Khmer Oldie Song’s Entertainment for all of Khmer people who live in domestic and overseas throughout the world something about these songs. Usually, we may call khmer music or khmer song via check them or search in YouTube, Google, mobile, Tablet, desktop, laptop and others. Truly right, in all these devices we may search any word of several keys and we may see the oldie songs posted by many YouTube creators, but now it may drop some oldie songs existed due to new policy guideline of YouTube Manager. Note that the new guideline of YouTube Manager is required all the YouTube creators to have at least 1,000 subscribers within last 12 months and 4,000 watching hours; otherwise the YouTube creators will lose monetization. The monetization is crucial tools and/or encouraged for quite few creators to continue to create and post the oldie songs into the YouTube. Although there are not so many oldie songs which will be posted into the YouTube, there may hope that Khmer domestic and overseas will still love the oldie songs and continue to preserve as possible as they can. In short, the oldie songs may be faced a challenge and so the overcome may have to do too for the survival.

Regarding demographics in the analytics of my YouTube channel, both Khmer man and woman who are aging from 18 to 60 years old still have really recognized that these songs are beautiful in comparison with today’s songs. From the demographics of my channel, the top 1 age who still loves Khmer Oldie Songs is male of 18 and 24 (i.e. 35%). The top 2 age is male from 25 to 34 (i.e. 20%), and the top 3 age is male from 45 to 54 (i.e. 17%). However, unfortunately, top 1 age of the female is just only 5.8 % with the range of 18 and 24 compared to the male top 1 age of male. The other ages of female are lower than the male compared to the top 2 and top 3 age of male. Note the songs are interested from Cambodia domestic and more particularly from Khmer in California in United States of America. So, we may still have hoped that Khmer people still love the oldie songs especially based on demographics of my channel; 35% young male ranged age of 18-24.

The oldie songs were the Golden Sound in decade of 50s, 60s and up to 70s being beeb sung by super star singers such as Sin Sisamuth, Ros Sereysothea, Pen Ron, Huy Meas Meas Samon and etc. As we have known so far, there had been about more than 10,000 songs which have been still existed so far to now. Each song was inspired to all Khmer people both man woman to get excited, entertained, and encouraged the people across the Kingdom with happiness and prosperity. Indeed, in decades of 50s, 60s and up to 70s it was era of peaceful country and development, happiness and national prosperity.

In order to get Khmer Oldie Songs in listening via YouTube and other devices, you may search and look for some key words as seen in place i.e. khmer music, khmer song, khmer mp3, sin sisamuth song, ros sreysothea, pen ron, meas samon, how to nice khmer song, how to nice khmer oldie song, how to nice khmer music, khmer song, khmer oldie song, khmer music, sin sisamuth song, ros sereysothea, pen ron, meas samon, huy meas, sin sisamuth songs, and etc.


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Far beyond, all Khmer people both in domestic and overseas still recognized that the voice of all Khmer singers has been popular so far. In fact, Khmer citizen in domestic and oversea more particularly Khmer in United States of America still listen to those oldie songs indeed; more particularly Khmer in California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida and etc. This is relied on only the demographics from my channel. In fact, they are still adhered to these voices although the voices were produced quite long time; i.e. soft and charming. The voices are truly no any voice comparable with the voice from the past to the present time. So, we do hope that these oldie songs will have been retained and kept as following from one to another generation.

Last but not least, the voices of Khmer Oldie Songs will be everlasting in depth-heart of all Khmer citizens even they live anywhere and will have to share and pass from one generation to another. Finally, all of Khmer both domestic and overseas may continue to love, to listen and to adhere to such the oldie songs and these songs may contribute to be forever in their daily lives and other events, ceremonies such as Khmer Happy New Year, Water Festival, Pchum Ben and etc.