Scenery Images of Amazing Funny Illustrations To World Changed

In scenery images, our world now is really changed, but it may be altered in term of comparative advantage and disadvantage. In term of comparative advantage, let say then and now we may see something as new, strange and luxury never ever have seen before such as smart phone, smart TV, selfie camera, luxury car, and other several items, but in term of comparative disadvantage there are many consequences in reflection with our earth. For instance, the global warming, that is, temperature increases in unbelievable thing across the continents, the flood, drought and storm seem to get more than what is seen last thirty, forty and fifty years. Currently, the new haze in Indonesia induces to made the headache among country’s leaders in some neighboring countries. In short, the development is turning us to two ways i.e. good and worse when we may see the world changed.

Let see and view some funny images and we may reflect something as above mentioned. Note that this is funny, but this is reflecting in the real world indeed. That is, the good old days might be always behind us, but the question raised why?. For example, your TV was 20ib lighter than ten years ago. Yet, your body had put on 20ib of weight in relation with the meantime. Besides, your old Nokia cellphone was so durable it ruined the floor while you dropped it. Furthermore, your new iPhone priced as much as a fresh organ on the black market. Indeed, it was shattered into pieces at the slightest touch. More reading
Going To McDonalds Then And Now
01-world-changes-before-and-after-18__605 Image Credit: Endless Origami
Then And Now
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The earth belongs to us and not to anyone, so don’t make ruin and don’t damage and don’t make a consequence for our new generation. The social development should be under control rather than over the control. For instance, some technologies may be not compensated to health damage, to our socialization and our other consequences in the future.
Then And Now
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Evolution Of Baggy Pants
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Before And After Smartphones
05-world-changes-before-and-after-71__605 Image Credit: Maria Scrivan